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 Taking A look At the Past

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YukiCat 雪猫
Herd Leader
Herd Leader
YukiCat 雪猫

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PostSubject: Taking A look At the Past   Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:11 pm

This is a story i had to do as an assignment for English. My teacher said she cried when she read it... Razz

I quietly cleared my throat and tapped my foot as my teacher; Miss Kold, went on about how we should be quiet and respectful in the museum. My friend nudged me and pointed at a picture of Hitler. I snorted, swallowed and looked at the glaring Miss Kold.
“Leo, I mean it, not a single snicker.” I nodded and looked at Paul who just rolled his eyes. Miss Kold lifted her chin a bit higher and turned swiftly around. We all followed her through the doors into the faintly lit room.
“Welcome to the Holocaust Museum. I am your guide today. Please no flash pictures and turn off you phones.” The bored voice came from an even more bored looking man. Paul looked at me and smiled. I couldn’t laugh, so I held it in and bit my lip. The guide led us into a dark room with screens as walls. He went behind a door and flicked a switch. A film started to play talking about the Holocaust and how many had died because of Hitler and his concentration camps.
“Boring!” I whispered to Paul who shushed me mockingly. I punched his arm. Miss Kold tapped my shoulder. I turned and looked straight into her menacing eyes.
“Do you want to have a 3o’clock detention today? This is your last warning.” She whispered harshly. I shake my head and turn back around to focus on the film. Once it was over, we all shuffled out a door to the rest of the museum, which mostly contained artefacts and large pictures. Paul went around imitating all the soldiers’ faces. I would smile, careful not to make a sound. Miss Kold would always glance our way, but we would just pretend to be interested at the thing we were supposed to be looking at.
Around a half an hour later, we finally reached the end. The guide gave Miss Kold a stack of cards with pictures on them. We got in line, slowly moving forward to collect the cards. The guide turned on some machines and turned to us as we waited for instructions.
“Okay, the cards you have are pictures of actual people who were in the holocaust.” He motioned to the machines. “These will tell you if they lived or died. Please drop of the cards in the box beside the door on your way out.” He gave a little wave good-bye as he headed out the door. Paul and I rushed forward, stuffing the card in the machine. It spat it back out and I looked at the screen. I breathed in sharply as I read it, “Died”. Paul looked at me. I was staring at the picture of a little boy, barely 9. I blinked and swallowed. Something about seeing how young that boy died changed the whole trip.
“Leo, are you okay?” Paul whispered to me. I didn’t realize till then I had been crying. Wiping my eyes dry I turned to leave. Paul caught up to me outside and grabbed my shoulder.
“What happened back there?” He said, his voice tingling with amusement. I shrugged,
“I guess it just got to me how the little boy died, don’t you find that sad?” I questioned with a bit too much sharpness then I meant. Paul stopped, his eyes a little wide.
“I know Leo, I understand.” His voice was quiet and full of sympathy. I stop as well and shove my hands in my pockets.
“I guess we are just lucky.” I smirk, trying to lighten up the mood. Paul shoves me
“Well, I’m guess I’m just emotionally stronger then you. I didn’t cry!” He cried triumphantly. I shoved him back and we wrestled each other all the way back to the bus.

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Herd Leader
Herd Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Taking A look At the Past   Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:01 pm

Very good. It was spectacular and I think that you should become a writer. It would serve you well.
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YukiCat 雪猫
Herd Leader
Herd Leader
YukiCat 雪猫

Posts : 393
Popularity : 13
Join date : 2010-08-05
Age : 21
Location : Canada
Status : LOL cats

PostSubject: Re: Taking A look At the Past   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:36 pm

Thank-you. ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: Taking A look At the Past   

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Taking A look At the Past
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